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Showerheads Save Water!

Realize Savings In A Few Months

Showerheads are showerheads are showerheads right? Not anymore. Showerheads, like toilets, are regulated by EPAct92, which established a limit of 2.5 gallons per minute (GPM; 9.5 liters per minute, or LPM) at 80 psi of water pressure. Because all showers use hot water, reducing water use also saves you the consumer energy.


Did You Know That Replacing An Older Showerhead Can Save You Money?

Are you aware that replacing an older showerhead, (which flows at 5 GPM or more), with a unit that uses 2.0 GPM (8 LPM) or less, can pay for itself through reduced water and energy use in just a few months? You can’t afford to wait any longer to start changing out those old showerheads.

Today the best showerheads are designed for water efficiency from the ground up. Some models do rely on the Venturi effect to aerate droplets and create the feel of a forceful shower while using relatively little water. But many other manufacturers, including Delta Faucet, have gone even further in showerhead redesign, by creating what is called a pulsed shower with large droplets. It is possible that you will see new standards on the horizon.

What Does This Mean To You In Your Home?

Right now the EPA’s WaterSense* is working on a standard for showerheads that will likely bring us WaterSense-labeled products by the end of 2009 with a maximum flow of 2.0 GPM (8 LPM), or possibly lower. The current GreenSpec standard right now for showerheads is 1.75 GPM [6.6 lpm]. Most major plumbing manufacturers are developing methods of measuring the wetting performance and heat retention of their respective showerheads.

Many in the industry believe that it is possible to incorporate such performance attributes into WaterSense standards. Multiple-showerheads have issues that may be addressed in some way in the next several years. But in general, these new regulations may prevent showerheads from being modified to increase flow above the legal limit.  Is your home or business compliant with current standards? Are you missing out on the savings? Start saving today. Call Coleson Plumbing in Birmingham and “Go Green. ”

*Coleson Plumbing is your Birmingham Plumber. Here at Coleson Plumbing, we are committed to protecting the future of the world’s water supplies by using new technology-proven water-saving showerheads. Water conservation is a growing concern as depleted water supplies are quickly becoming a major environmental problem. Coleson recommends WaterSense water-saving EPA programs.